Every song is different
— Dimebag Darrell

Zero 1 Zero is a four piece heavy metal band, using their influences from Faith No More, Pantera and Metallica, to create their own unique sound; Hamish Brennan on bass guitar, Pete Franklin on lead guitar, Brendan Francis on drums and Chris Miller on vocals. The band, Zero 1 Zero, was conceived in 2017 when three Brisbane school mates dusted off their instruments, started remembering that music truly was the best therapy after a solid work week and re-imagined their childhood dreams of having a band. Vocals soon added a complex and dynamic balance to the direction of the band and Zero 1 Zero were now in full swing with enough power and energized heaviness, recording their first EP in early 2018. Burn is the band’s first single and could be described as a fresh, volcanic explosion from the opening scream and thumping drums, to a guitar hook that will ring in your ears for days. Zero 1 Zero have a vision to form a strong foundation of loyal listeners, both nationally and internationally. Photography by Gavin Varney